22 April 2021 | 12.30 - 13.30 | Digital client engagement

We’re still working from home, and miss you all. We’re gearing up for our third Life Science Session, and invite you to think and talk about digital engagement with your stakeholders. Partly fueled by the current situation, but mostly stemming from the innovative drive of both Sirius Medical and AM-Pharma.

At Sirius Medical they recognized the need to engage with potential and existing customer in a new way. After designing a minimal product proposition and gaining CE certification and FDA clearance, Sirius is currently active in 8 countries, there is a pipeline of 80 hospitals and ten hospitals have been contracted and activated. Sirius aims to pass a turnover of 1M Euro by 2021 and will expand its activities to the US. A large number of leads are required to activate enough hospitals to implement Sirius Pintuition system. This requires a well-oiled marketing machine, an integrated sales and marketing automation with Hubspot. The Engagement Factory assisted Sirius Medical in accomplishing this. Together they will tell us about the impact and outcome for patients and Sirius’ bottom line.

In 2020 Dutch biotech company AM-Pharma had lots of great news to share, and they decided to actively use social media to do so. The goal was to raise AM-Pharma’s visibility as it moves an important new product candidate through late-stage clinical testing and how social media can contribute to external and internal communications. Laetitia Szaller from AM-Pharma and Gretchen Schweitzer at Trophic Communications will take us through this case study of how AM-Pharma is leveraging social media to reach its target audiences and build its corporate brand.

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