"Have you always wanted to know more about the rules and regulations with regards to food safety in Europe and the Netherlands and how to expand your business to the Netherlands?"

This webinar is for entrepreneurs and professionals in the Agri & Food business looking to expand to Europe. It will address everything you always wanted to know about food innovations and the regulatory environment in the Netherlands.

Several interesting speakers will guide you through the innovation ecosystem and regulatory landscape of the European and Dutch Food safety standards and what this means for food businesses looking to expand to the Netherlands.

The webinar provides answers to everything you need to know about setting up in the Netherlands:
AKD Benelux Lawyers will fill you in on the regulatory environment in Europe/Netherlands.
Anderson Advanced Ingredients shares it’s experiences on setting up.

- NIZO Food Research will give an introduction into the innovation landscape.
- Zandbergen World’s Finest Meats will illustrate how they can facilitate a rapid expansion.

Finally, Invest in Holland will provide you with practical information to successfully realise your expansion into Europe.

We hope to see you virtually on Wednesday 28 April. During registration you can choose your preferred timeslot.

Wednesday 28 April 9:00 CET to 10:00 CET
Wednesday 28 April 17:00 CET to 18:00 CET 

We are looking forward to seeing you then.